Friday, March 25, 2005


SXSW Interactive 2005 Web Awards

The sweet shirt is something Ashley brought me from India. This was my first year to attend SXSW Interactive. Besides the Web Awards, the highlight for me was Bruce Sterling's keynote and the party he threw on the last night at the American Legion Hall of Honor which is a historical house next to Mopac and where joggers often start their run around Town Lake. It had been a long time since I had been to a kegger and certainly never one with so many creative-type people from all around the world.

Auz asked me to go up to accept the award. We thought we had a 1% chance, but even so, I think he didn't want to do the J├Ągermeister shot which was obligatory for each acceptance. I told a joke and then got off the stage as quickly as possible.

Thanks to fellow Austin bootstrapper Roy for the picture.

Excellent. I have heard about Sterling's legendary parties.

You have arrived my friend.

Congratulations to you and Chris on the award!!!
Congratulations Tom and Chris! Sounds like you're making waves in Austin.
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