Sunday, January 27, 2008


Barcamp Texas in Bryan, TX

Update 2/4: slideshows from Barcamp Texas.

The last time I was in Bryan, it was 2005 and I was hanging out with my friend Maia at Revolutions. The fact that a place like Revolutions even exists should have been a revealing datapoint that Bryan was changing...I ran into fellow lonestarrubyconf volunteer Ben Burkert at the co-working space and was surprised to learn that he was part of their Downtown Cartel. I've been using their and learned it was written in Django/Python. Hashtags lets you browse keywords used in Twitter. For instance, here's the hashtag for barcamptexas.

The venue was changed last minute due to some regulations. Cody and the gang did good work improvising. In addition to the official venue, there was a lot of activity in the Creative Space co-working space next door. It was a great place to reconnect with folks so I missed most of the presentations. There were good quality presentations. Chip Rosenthal told me I missed a good talk by Tom Peck from AppEngines on Google Gears. Anyway, throughout the day, I heard a clear preference for smaller more interactive birds of a feather type rooms/conversations over the standard dual track presentations.

Silona interviewed several people using a new video service called seesmic. The interviews were informal but turned out really well.

Bonuses: The pizza at Mr. G's was great. The t-shirts were great. The wireless was great.


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