Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Google and Yahoo

Google stormed past $308/share today. It's P/E ratio is a gravity-defying 122. Amazing. Don't cry for Yahoo, though. It seems it was around September 2004 that Google gave Yahoo 1% of it's shares(2.7 million shares) as part of resolving a service agreement dispute and to resolve some patent disputes. One percent of $86 billion is $860 million. Assuming Yahoo hasn't sold any, Google stock represents at least 1.7% of Yahoo's market capitalization. There are a lot of smart people at Google and Yahoo and I'm sure the smart people are thankful for stupid people. No Internet stock is worth a P/E of 122.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


There is a God

HMV, the largest music chain in Canada, has pulled Alanis Morissette's records from its shelves:

"As of June 13, HMV will be removing all Alanis products from our stores, consistent with the views of the majority of our customers, and will be returning all Alanis product to the record company," the U.K.-based retailer's CEO, Humphrey Kadaner, wrote in an email to Canadian news outlets last week.

Maybe Milli Vanilli and Denis Leary will be joining Alanis at Starbucks soon.

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