Sunday, August 26, 2007


Barcamp Houston and Creative Spaces

I often describe the quality of barcamp talks as what you would get at open-mike nite. Rough stuff, but who cares? No matter what the conference or unconference is, it's generally what's in between the talks that turns out being the good stuff. Barcamp Houston was like the last Barcamp Austin in that there was a big room and a small room: much more interactivity going on in the smaller room than the big room. For both barcamps, the big room was more "formal" with the much larger, anonymous audience, professional video camera, etc. In the smaller room (and also in the coffee room this time), there were interesting conversations going on. The presenter was less a speaker than a catalyst.

Steven Evatt of

However, I'm kicking myself for missing Steven Evatt's SEO talk in the big room. We were in a few electrical engineering classes together at Texas A&M way back when. Maybe a podcast of Steven's talk will turn up.

Speaking of A&M, Cody Marx Bailey (who I met at Barcamp Austin) told me about their co-working space in downtown Bryan. This rocks. Cody also told me about whurley's recent presentation there which started with a blank document and only took form after asking the audience what he was going to talk about. Initial skepticism ("The nerve of this guy. He didn't even prepare.") vanished as whurley covered any open source question that came up.

Thanks Erica and the gang for another great barcamp.


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