Friday, December 19, 2008


Maia Oden Performs at Cafe Caffeine 12/27

Maia Oden will be returning to Texas in a week and she's going to make a trip to Austin to play at Cafe Caffeine the evening of December 27. This is great news!

After attending college near her hometown in Texas, she found her way to Boulder and Taos for many years. It is just recently that she started to record music. Some of the songs are on her MySpace page. The name of the band is Laughter's Fountain.

I don't keep up with too many people from college. But I've kept up with Maia and also with my friend Lewis as Lewis and I frequently enjoy the live music at the Continental club. Lewis and I saw Maia perform a couple of short gigs in college. It will be great to see her sing again!

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