Monday, June 23, 2008


Coffeehouse 2.0

An interesting thing happened on Friday. I showed up for the weekly Jelly at 10. The wireless router was on its last legs. I twittered a heads up. At 10:25, I decided I would be more productive at my client's site. It wasn't a wasted trip as I got to talk shop with a few people before I left.

Back at Cafe Caffeine, Jelly was still happening but without wi-fi and wi-fi is the sine qua non. So, after weighing alternatives, Stephen Gutknecht and Sarah Vela chose a plan of action. Since the manager of the coffeehouse was away, Stephen assumed the risk of the purchase of an Airport Extreme which Sarah picked up from the nearby Apple Store at Barton Creek. By noon, Jelly had wi-fi.

Soon afterwards, the manager arrived and Stephen emphasized that it was his choice to do it and wasn't looking to force them into buying a particularly expensive router. Management appreciated the grassroots energy and reimbursed Stephen for the router.

Chalk up another win for local independent coffee.

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hey tom,

thanks for the mention. :) we were glad to help solve cafe caffeine's problems, as they've been such great hosts to our jellies.

see you next time!
Now is this another thing where you have to wear a Star Wars costume? Or LOTR?
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