Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Ecological Balance

Town lake joggers are keenly aware of two hazards. Speeding bikers and, to a lesser extent, long dog leashes that have a tendency to set booby traps on the trail. It finally occurred to me that those long dog leashes serve an ecological purpose:
One of these large hysterical dogs I was telling you about lunged at us as though we were the last slab of bacon in Texas. As it lunged, its leash stretched out across the trail, creating a sort of trip-wire booby-trap. Comedy was in the air! The situation came speedily to a satisfying conclusion when the booby-trap unseated an oncoming cyclist, without ceremony.

Zippy and I toddled away unscathed, leaving the two injured parties to their remonstrances. We were happy as a couple of clams to have seen that bike asshole bust ass.

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