Saturday, October 29, 2005


More Corporate Behavior

I happen to be in Houston earlier this week and caught the fake flu vaccine story on the news. Okay, suspicious. But now, consider the legislation our friends in the pharmaceutical industry are trying to pass.

I need to come up with a synonym for unbefuckinglieveable. It is my understanding that the legalese in this legislation provides for shielding our friends from mislabeling drugs. Oh, how convenient! It also applies to mandatory vaccines.

No surprise that the senate committee that approved this is named HELP.

At work, my job is to translate legislation into regulation. The greatest challenge is to find ways to neutralize all of the insidious crap imbedded in the legislation. I really feel vindicated when the corporate lobbyists that fought to have the bill passed, turn around and fight to have it overturned after they see how I have intrepreted and finessed the salient points in a way that displeases them.

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