Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Wings, Golf and Big Bend

Last Thursday, I met the boys for wings in Houston. I learned from Dan that Oscar's sons Craig and Keith are head coach of Northbrook High and defensive coordinator of Spring Woods, respectively. Chris brought me the long anticipated cd with pictures from our trip to Big Bend. A few included below. On Monday, we met up for the annual golf tournament. I'm the only one who's not a golfer, but it was fun. It was a scramble, so it was more cooperative than competitive. ;) Speaking of which, I'm going to Boulder to attend a conference on cooperative economics.

Here are some pics...

You look an awful lot like a bluebird in that last pic...

Have fun at the conference!
you own camping gear? hmm... you should set it up in your apartment.

I look forward to hearing your synopsis of the conference.
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