Friday, November 09, 2007


Blog Readability Test

Here are the levels of education required to understand the blogs on my blogroll (and my own blog) according to this site:

A Denser Parlance
Open Source Currency

Beyond Money
Educated Guesswork
Kaliya Hamlin
Austin Time Exchange

High School:
Worldchanging Austin

Junior High School:
Duck and Gather
Evolution of Money

Elementary School:
Full Circle
Ashley #2

(via: Concurring Opinions)

I am glad that elementary school was as low as that scale went. Nursery or pre-school would be embarrassing. :-)
I think I'm relieved! ;-)
Wow. I guess I should stop glossing over the details of my profession if I want to get out of elementary school.... Anyone interested in reading about photochemical modeling, the reactivity of certain volatile organic compounds, or selective noncatalytic reduction?
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