Saturday, September 24, 2005


Austin City Limits Festival

Friday was a good day to be at ACLFest.

Since there were too many people last year, the number of tickets available was cut by 10,000. 3-day passes sold out quick and until Wednesday, they were being scooped up off of craigslist for the original price plus $50.

A funny thing happened. People tuned into their idiot boxes and started cancelling their ACLFest plans. On Thursday, it was obvious that people were dumping their tickets on craigslist generally for $25 below price as they stormed and emptied the grocery stores of water and bread and gas stations of gas. As we walked down Barton Springs toward the entrance gate on Friday, it was very strange to see the surplus of discounted tickets being sold(reverse-scalped?).

I camped out at the Cingular stage all day long. Steve Earle reminded us that there was an anti-war rally in Washington on Saturday. Robert E. Keen did a nice set but did not play the front porch song. John Prine was my favorite as he played his acoustic guitar as the sun went down behind him. It very easy going. Just the cathartic experience I needed. Lyle Lovett closed. As is typical, he said in his humble way that he was honored to be able to play at ACLFest with the likes of Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams and John Prine. He then introduced Robert E. Keen and they sang a down tempo version of the front porch song together. Nice.

I like how you tied War of The Worlds to ACL Fest. It's true. The media was out of control and people panicked.

I wish they would start having outdoor concerts in the Fall when it's cooler. Oh, wait... never mind.... it is Fall....
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