Saturday, November 05, 2005


Donate a DVD to Walmart

Walmart has been especially generous to our community. In the same spirit, may I suggest joining others who have bought copies of Walmart: The High Cost of a Low Price and have played them in Walmart's DVD showcase areas. If you are feeling generous, here are the Walmarts in the Austin area.

Too funny!
Yea Wal-Mart! Heres the company that tells americans its creating jobs and opportunities, I guess so if you can hold down three other sh&t paying jobs with no health insurance or retirement and you can work 'em 24/7 at that; and figure out a way not to eat. Its been said that the new economy, of which wal-mart is a part, is creating hope and a brighter economic future. How can you live on 9 dollars an hour when a living wage in america is closer to 18 dollars an hour, and thats still cuttin' it prety close, for gedda about it if have bambinos! Were's all the sunshine, I don't feel happy.

Yea 400,000 jobs were created in a america this year and the guy waitin' your table is holdin three of 'em.

Wal-mart. We'll hire you and keep you at just below 40 hours so we don't have to pay you health insurance. And remember, once you're hired be sure not to talk to labor unions 'cause they'll take away your health insurance and retirement benefits. What the f&*%k? Thats like being cut in half with a machine gun and then gettin' a bandaid from management cause the're on your side. Wake up middle america!

Unions the people who brought you the weekend.

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