Monday, January 30, 2006


Good Mexican Food in Houston

If you are in Houston and you want good, cheap Mexican food, check out 100% Taquitos. It is on the other side of 59 from the Lakewood church building (a.k.a. The Summit. Where Gordie Howe used to play***...west of Buffalo Speedway). On the menu, they have a list of items under "quesadillas" (a.k.a. soft tacos). They're damn good.

***Arrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh! They've built a self-help church where WHA championships were won. Cam Connor. Terry Ruskowski. John Tonelli. Andre Lacroix. G-O-R-D-I-E   H-O-W-E! God, if you're listening, please wake me from this bad dream...I still have Cam Connor's autograph from the night he was sitting in the next section from us watching from the stands since he had broken his arm in a fight. When Cam was playing, you could feel the crowd move to the edge of their seats when he got on the ice.

One day, like Daniel Stern's character in City Slickers, Joel Osteen's spirit will be broken by his wife and the Lakewood Church will close. It will close and I will crank up my stereo to level 11 and blast Queen's "We are the Champions" in its direction, remembering the glory of former years.

Dr. Who will find this in a future seventh grade text book:

"....Houston was conquered in early 2000 AD by the Evangelical Crusaders who destroyed sports arenas and made them into multimedia prayer centres."
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