Sunday, January 08, 2006


A Rare Short Trip to the Mall

Today, I took my mom to the mall. She was on a mission for something. On the way out of the department store, I exited the first set of glass doors and found myself in the familiar pod bay. Directly in front of me is a wall so I have to choose the doors that are off at an angle to the left or the ones that are off at an angle to the right. There's no more than 20 feet between the two of them. I ask my mom, "Do you remember which one we took in?" No. We choose left. Wrong. We end up walking an extra 20 feet.

Later in the evening, I'm on p. 37 of Douglas Rushkoff's Get Back in the Box:
Studies showed that people will walk more aimlessly - and be more susceptible to manipulation - after losing track of where their car is located, so shopping mall floor plans force customers to make at least three turns from the parking lot to the mall interior.
Needless to say, I didn't buy anything while was there. Instead, I found a bench and read my copy of Get Back in the Box.

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