Sunday, March 09, 2008


Barcamp Austin 3

Barcamp was seriously good. Lots of rooms. Lots of choice. Chip has a good writeup. Free beer was provided by Independence Brewery.

It was standing-room only for David Neff's morning presentation about Sharinghope TV. RSnake packed as much web application security as humanly possible in half an hour. Rich Vázquez facilitated a conversation about Creative Commons. We needed more time but he mentioned the monthly Austin Creative Commons salon. There was a very high energy conversation on Social Media, Community Media and Social Justice and once again, we needed more time. No worries, though because after that, David James gave a demo on his CommunityGoals project. After that, I snuck out to Dorkbot for an hour and came back to hear Joel Greenberg talk about the future of hydrogen.

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I still don't understand what BarCamp is. It kind of sounds like a cross between a gaming convention and a town hall meeting. Am I even close? (should I use my Google ID to sign this post or myopenid? How do I choose??).
barcamp is free as in beer. it's also free in that you don't have to ask permission from anyone to have one. it's like a conference but there are no scheduled speakers. everyone is encouraged to sign up and present/lead a conversation. it's an open source gift economy.

openid makes me happy.
Do people have to dress like their favorite Lord of the Rings character? Sounds like the "anarcho-syndicalist commune" in Holy Grail.
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