Thursday, July 17, 2008


StartupCampAustin - August 2nd

Tonight at Tech Night at MonkeyWrench Books, there was a conversation about Twitter which drifted into a conversation about the more decentralized open-source done by Evan Prodromou. My mis-pronounciation of Evan's name sounded familiar enough to Brandon Wiley, the original coder of Freenet, that he recognized him from the early days of Freenet. A funny story about their first meeting which was at the O'Reilly P2P Conference was followed by an interesting conversation started by Donald about a decentralized urban farm in San Francisco called myFarm.

After the meeting, Brandon reminded us about Startup Camp Austin and I asked Brandon if I could get him to do a PSA for the event and he agreed.

Brandon, who is a regular at Austin Jelly, has a new startup called Ringlight. Brandon introduced StartupCampAustin at his blog a week ago.

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I just wanted to note that the Free-Net that Tom refers to is not related to the Free-Nets started in the 90's who provided public access to the Internet in one way or another. The dash in the name is the giveaway. There's more general info on the Free-Nets here:
Dale Thompson
Austin Free-Net
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