Monday, September 22, 2008


One Web Day

Today is One Web Day, Earth Day for the Internet. Cafe Caffeine is hosting Austin's OWD today (Live video feed here). If you want to hear how this interview of Bernard relates to One Web Day, tune in this evening at 5:30.

Update (1:15pm central): Douglas Rushkoff is guest blogging on boingboing today. His book Get Back in the Box introduced me to Bernard in January '06.

Update 9/23: Rushkoff blogs at boingboing today on open currency.

Update 9/23 #2: "It is time we use the inspiration and power of this technology, this community, this dream, to fix what is broken in this real world. It is time the virtual gets used to fix the real...But the fact is things are this dark, and we have been given that tool. And we must use it to learn again how citizens govern." - Lessig on One Web Day.

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I am missing all the action downtown. I had no idea anyone was protesting! I figured apathy had taken hold years ago. Oh well...
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