Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Recognizing Price Sensitivity at ACLFest

Today, I get an email from today hawking their t-shirts for $20: "Did you miss your chance for Festival gear? Want to add to your ACL merch collection?"

If you visit Waterloo Records this week, you will see that underneath the $7.99 price tag of many of the t-shirts is a $20 price tag. They were selling their t-shirts next to the ACLFest t-shirts. The most plausible explanation is that the ACLFest people made the Waterloo folks sell the Waterloo shirts for $20 so as not to cut into their business. Twenty dollars looks a lot more expensive when sitting next to 8 dollars. However, I would guess that folks buying at ACLFest have more disposable income than the average visitor to Waterloo, so Waterloo could profitably offer a different price to ACLFest attendees.

I enjoyed the music.

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