Wednesday, February 01, 2006


What did the Banner say?

Like CNN and perhaps most of the rest of the major media, ABC obediently reported to me as I ate my nachos during the State-of-the-Union pre-game that Cindy Sheehan was thrown out for attempting to bring in a banner she could drape over the second-level balcony as you would at the Super Bowl. Of course, if there wasn't such a cover story, what would her expulsion say? Why didn't they just report that she was trying to carry in electronically-controlled flying attack monkeys?
Wait...wait...we are now hearing reports that in addition to the Super Bowl banner, Cindy Sheehan's arrest in the capitol was due to the fact she had brought in a bullhorn and a paddle game and an ashtray and a chair...and a remote control (for the flying monkeys).

Not only was she thrown out. She was actually ARRESTED. Insanity.
I don't think I've witnessed anything sadder and more pathetic.
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