Wednesday, March 08, 2006


The Big Guy: How Tom Delay Stole Congress

Another promising documentary. DeLay spokeswoman Shannon Flaherty:
I haven't seen it and really don't plan on hanging out with a bunch of liberal activists at a house party in Austin to catch a sneak peak
In other news, Stanhope will be in Austin again at the end of the month (3/26-27 @ Club DeVille). Both should be good fun.

Update: I realize I mispelled 'Buy' in the title but it was not practical for me to fix it...

Can you believe he won the primary yesterday? Okay, it's not that shocking, but it's pretty gross.
the irony of stacking the ethics committee's membership may have been lost on those voters.
You know who this is. I had to go undercover to post what's on my mind....

I know the film maker fairly well. In fact, he called me today. I will be meeting with him next week (on a totally unrelated issue.)

I totally distrust him.

The irony is that I find this person's ethics to be quite questionable, so I don't know if even someone as crooked as DeLay will be fairly portrayed in this documentary.
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