Tuesday, February 07, 2006


DisneyBowl XL Post Mortem

You missed the Super Bowl, Tom?

Well, I wouldn't exactly say I missed it, Bob.

No, I spent Sunday with my sister's family and my mom working on a home-improvement project for my mom. I did catch at least half a dozen re-caps on the television...Steelers win 21-10...so I missed Jessica Simpson shooting pizza rolls from between her legs. Otherwise, it seemed like an uneventful SuperBowl. :)

And this is why the Internet has made Oliver Stone's career irrelevant. It seems Peter thinks it odd how what American media reported was totally different than what viewers experienced: although I didn't know it from watching the news or reading the paper, there were some serious officiating problems.

Unfortunately, it's not about the game anymore. It's about the advertising. The SuperBowl used to be about the game and it used to be great. Same with skateboarding, the Muppets and Jesus. But money finds great things and turns them into avenues for advertising. If we dig up the old SuperBowl, skateboarding and Muppets video, we'll see the real thing. If we read the Parables, we'll see the real Jesus. There's a shelf life to things that are real. Then, Disney or the mega-church buys them and sucks the life out of them.

I have noted that most bloggers I interact with didn't really watch the Superbowl (Nik from the Spatula Forum, Matthew from Matthew's Foray into Blogging, you, me...).
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