Monday, February 27, 2006


Wal-Mart CEO looking Presidential

Wal-Mart may be among the most destructive non-military forces on the planet (There's some good competition out there). Already an unbelievable financial burden on local taxpayers, this weekend Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott made an audacious claim that would make a corrupt politician's jaw drop. He says Wal-Mart needs help with health care because they can't do it alone.

Those low prices on Barbie dolls, toilet paper, and bed pillows are soooo worth it!!!!!
....And I expected a post today from the baseball guru on O'Neill getting passed up by the Hall of Fame.
I made my pilgrimmage to the Hall of Fame in '92 to see Seaver. As great as Seaver was, him and Bob Gibson the best pitchers of their time, he's no Shoeless Joe Jackson or Pete Rose who are excluded. It's like going to an olympic party without Bode Miller.
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