Monday, March 13, 2006


SXSWi 2006

Life is good. I was introduced to Nancy White earlier today. I've been on her mailing list since November. This was right after attending Jimmy Wales interview of Craig Newmark (coverage). Then, after attending about a minute of a panel which I had been tricked into because it had an interesting title, I called an audible and escaped to one which I knew would be of substance, Peter Morville's (author of Ambient Findability). Peter mentioned Podzinger which does speech to text so that you can perform a search on an mp3 file and seek to the position where a phrase is. I haven't tried it yet. I liked Peter's observation that we are "designing the legacy systems of tomorrow." Went home for a bit and then went to the Cedar Door for Bootstrap Austin and then to the EFF-Creative Commons Party where I was happy to meet Craig Newmark and we talked about Rushkoff's new book. Craig got an advance copy. I'm expecting some pretty big parties tomorrrow.

Yikes, we never reconnected! So many people to talk to, so little time! Sorry, Tom!
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