Friday, November 10, 2006


Pulled Up From The Comments

The April 3rd post on the ridiculously slanted media coverage of the firing of Coach Rudy Rios received a comment today from a new blogger identified as Rudy Rios:
Let's always get both sides of the story before we judge others.
Thanks for visiting my blog, Rudy! I agree that the media is in the business of casting judgment, not to mention that school superintendents and their underlings seem to carry playbooks that send the local media on the scapegoat-a-coach route.

For example, consider the job the Houston Chronicle did on Oscar Cripps. The Chronicle willfully assisted in the scapegoating of Cripps, perhaps the most unassuming, unselfish and successful high school football head coach Texas has ever had.

School systems weed out a lot of nice folks whose biggest flaw seems to be bringing out the best in people. Carpe Diem.

Update 11/18: I've replaced the link to the Chronicle article with the one in the Google cache. This is because Google search assumes links express trust and that was obviously not my intention (I don't want people performing a search to be directed to a hatchet job by the Chronicle). When will there be a way to express distrust in a link?

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