Monday, April 03, 2006


Coach Fired. Used a 4-Letter Word.

The Houston Independent School District fired Coach Rudy Rios today:
He was fired as coach because he made copies of a flier put together by students stating that Latinos must stick together during this immigration issue.

"And stay united, and that's why I did the copies. I mean it wasn't anything bad against the school," said Rios.

Making copies, however, was not only against school policy, but the flier also contained a four-letter word.
I don't think it's a secret that coaches use four letter words. What's next? Firing a principal for bad hair? Firing a superintendent for drinking the blood of schoolchildren? A little harsh I think.

Apparently some school district in Missouri prohibited local high schools from putting on the musical Grease as well as Arthur Miller's The Crucible recently as the plays offended some local church.

People need to loosen the screws on their chastity belts. We didn't get expelled for nailing a pig's nose to the vice principal's office door.
The reason the guy is being disciplined isn't because he used a swear word, it's because the guy is using school equipment to encourage students to engage in political activity and implicitly break the immigration laws of the US. Last I checked, we don't pay taxes for teachers to tell kids what political positions to support.
The long line of legal cases says that teachers don't check their First Amendment rights at the door. Nor are children so ingenuous or stupid that they can't begin making their own political decisions, which is why civics and history classes start in the early grades. And why there's such a thing as student government paid for by the school. We even lowered the voting age to 18 since we felt if you were old enough to serve in the armed forces, you're old enough to vote. Democracies should encourage interest and participation in politics, not discourage it.

What the coach was fired for was having the wrong ideology. The pretext came later.
My name is Rudy Rios Jr. I am the coach who got fired last spring for making some copies of a flyer during the immigration walkouts. This is just to let everyone know the true facts of the story. First of all, I did not 'make' the flyer, nor did I distribute the copies, encouraged students to walk out of school, nor did I have any input into what was said in the flyer. A young student, who I don't even know came to me and asked me to make 30 copies of the flyer in question. As a teacher, my job is not to encourage, persuade, or urge any of the students to think one way or another. My job is to inform them of the pros and cons of each action that they might pursue. Once they make THEIR minds up, it is my job to support them! I supported the students who walked out as well as the students who did not. Let's always get both sides of the story before we judge others. I am sure that that is what anyone of you would want, as I do. There seems to be many people with racist attitudes that want something to cling on to that allows them to share their views. Many journalists, who are supposed to be fair and seek the truth, seem to forget that when someone begins to think for themselves. This school year, I spoke out against the school for ‘making’ me teach a subject which I have no knowledge of! No one from the media thought that this was wrong except one. How can this be allowed? It seems that it is ok to teach a class that the teacher has no knowledge of, but please do not make copies of flyers for your students! How absurd is that?
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