Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Make No Decision Out of Fear

mp3 of Bruce Sterling's talk (coverage). On the way out, I overheard some in the crowd who were so buried in denial that they complained that it was negative. Consistent with the reaction is this post. It's like they can no longer distinguish between real life and TV.

I met up with people later that night at the Digital Convergence event for some great conversations and food. I still don't understand what digital convergence is about (Is it like Snow Crash?) but they threw a great party.

Man, I need to read Snow Crash. You and the guy I dumped my freshman year in college keep mentioning it in your blogs.
I loved Sterling's "Distraction." I still love to refer to someone's personal background problem.

As for Snow Crash, it kind of falls apart at the end, but it has the funniest opening 40 pages in modern literature. Stephenson, however, is one grumpy gus in person.

Madame X
I totally agree with Snow Crash. Distraction has been sitting on my bookshelf unread for quite a while. I need to pick it up.
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