Wednesday, April 06, 2005



While returning to town late last night, I noticed the new Freebirds had opened on South Congress (just south of Riverside). I strolled over there tonight and checked it out. I had no intention of finishing the Monster there so I ordered it to go and ate half of it on the patio. The patio is adjacent to an empty creek surrounded by trees that is orthogonal to Congress Ave. I naively left my burrito on the patio as I went back in to get more barbeque sauce and returned to find a bird snacking on my dinner. The good news is that for $8, I got all my meals covered for the day with one burrito. Free wireless. Life is good.

Please tell me you didn't eat it after the filthy bird pecked at it!!
It's okay because nobody saw me do it. For an encore, I ate the other half guacomole-filled buritto after it had been sitting on my kitchen table for 7 hours. I'm hoping the bacteria that grew on the guacomole will kill the bird germs.
you shouldn't write such things in your blog. it may scare away all of the female readers...

Yeah, I'm really worried about that. :)
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