Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Corporate Behavior Film Series at Jo's Coffee

"Bring a chair but please leave your coolers at home--Jo's has lots of yummy treats for the whole gang including $2 Long necks during the show."

October 13
Dream Sickle shows

"The Age of Wal-Mart"

October 20
Frank Meyer shows

"Super Size Me"

October 27
The Missing Tapes show

"The Wall Street Fix" and "Bigger Than Enron"

{Two(2) Sixty(60) minute documentaries}

Where?? Jo's is tiny! Is it in the parking lot? If so, remind me a few days before. I want to see the Wal-Mart film...
Yes. It's in the parking lot in the back. I saw the Big Lebowski there and a couple of musicians played all the songs from the movie beforehand on acoustic guitar.
I like Wal Mart. Wal Mart brings us better products for lower prices. They employ old people, and they put all those creepy mom and pop shops out of business, like the pharmacy in Its A Wonderful Life where the pharmacist almost poisoned that kid. I also like the fact that all the tacky poor people all go there instead of places I usually go.
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