Friday, October 07, 2005


Pro-Life SUV Killing Machines

It's probably not surprising that "the chance of killing or seriously injuring a pedestrian is two to four times higher for someone driving an SUV, or 4X4 vehicle, than a car." It seems the data shows that raising the front hood 2 feet increases the impact by a factor of two.

I walk a lot and I am always especially careful around SUVs and it has had nothing to do with their higher front hoods.

My experience is that SUV drivers, for whatever reason, often think they have the right of way when a pedestrian is crossing the street. The typical situation is that an SUV is facing me making a right turn while I'm crossing the street. Whereas car drivers generally have the patience for me to get across the street before they make their right turn, I am too often forced to stop on a dime in the middle of the street because an SUV has somewhere really damn important to be. Maybe its a feeling of entitlement, maybe they're too distracted with their cellphone or Garth Brooks CD or maybe they're not aware of the concept of mobility without a vehicle and we're invisible to them. In any case, this article didn't make me feel any better about my odds when crossing the street. It's time to give Ned Ryerson a call.

SUVs pose greater danger to pedestrians -- scientists

It's because car drivers empathize with you, the pedestrian. I used to be a car driver but after 2 bad accidents with trucks and SUVs who both said something like, "Are you ok? I just didn't see you!" I had enough of playing the role of Frogger.

Facing a lifetime of chronic neck pain following the driver-side impact on my Volvo by a Dodge pickup truck, I decided that I had to join the SUV drivers to survive.

If the majority of Americans agreed to drive compact cars, there would be more compact car drivers, including me, who would no longer have to fear being creamed by a Yukon Denali or a Ford F-350 supercab.
Actually, neither the truck nor the SUV spoke to me. Rather, the drivers of both vehicles. One of them in a language I couldn't quite make out, but could have been Portuguese...
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